our roots

The love for hosting and tea time is most likely in my blood. Growing up, my great grandmother Vilna and my grandmother Marjorie both had an appreciation for afternoon tea. Combined with their love for baking and entertaining guests, they decided to make hosting afternoon tea a regular thing.  I learned a lot from them when it came to being the perfect hostess. They taught me how to brew traditional Caribbean drinks as well as bake Trinidadian style pastries and snacks. Hearing countless stories of how my grandmother and great grandmother would eat honey straight from the honeycomb, really inspired me to try my hand at harvesting my own honey. I hope to one day soon, incorporate that as a compliment to my freshly brewed teas.  The china that I use has been passed down from older generations. With every tea party that I host, I make sure to make the most of these priceless gems while humbly paying homage to my grandmother.